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Our main Service Categories

We categorize all our services mainly in to 7 Categories.

Aarogya Mitra

To provide Medical Aid in all respects to the poor by running a permanent clinic. To help the poor in providing monetary aid for the serious medical treatment. Health Awareness Camps / Programs.

Vidya Vikas

Conducting Educational Awareness Camps to provide monetary assistance to poor students in attending school, purchasing of books, clothes etc. Educational scholarships to the poor students.

Vupaadhi Saakara

To provide monetary help / aid, Career Guidance Camps by sending unemployed poor people to the Industrial Training, Computer, Vocational Trainings which helps them to Small Scale Industries.


To run an orphanage for the poor children, To run and establish a Small Scale Industry by Self Help Groups for the benefit of the orphan children. One orphan child is staying with us at "Ananda Nilayam"

Jeevana Pradatha

To provide Monetary Aid / Help for the Physically Handicapped in terms of Providing Educational Assistance, Providing Medical Assistance, Providing Three Wheelers etc.

Vruddha Poshaka

To run an Old Age Ashram for the benefit of aged orphaned poor. Under this category we are running Old age home "Ananda Nilayam" from last two years.

Nirataanna Daata

To conduct Annadana Programs (feeding of poor) on Special Events / Occasions. Whenever people affected by floods/ cyclone we distribute food & required utensils to need people.